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    Express business capital

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Express Business Capital is a Loan giving company in South Africa which provides loans to start business on small scale and now they are looking to expand their business online so we gave them fully functional website with an eye-catching design. Our custom website designs include a beautiful home page layout, completely customized for you, along with a custom executed shell to contain all inner pages. All of our custom website designs are built to look and feel professional so that visitors to your site feel comfortable and safe using your service. Every web design is also built to be extremely user-friendly.

The creation of the website is to represent a professional Loan Company. In all, the website has been a huge success, not only for attracting new clients, but also in establishing an identity that leaves a long-lasting impact on prospective clients.

What we did
  • WordPress Template Development
  • Custom Forms Integration and Gallery
  • PSD Designs and Framework