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Hormone Logic System is a CMS for Clinic to record the data entry of patients, book Appointment, diagnose reports, medical storage search, Lab assistance, Patient records and much more. Our custom Content Management Systems include beautiful designs including a beautiful layout, completely customized for you, along with a custom executed shell to contain all proper functionality. All of our custom website CMS are built to look and feel professional with a complete functionality for every single module along with a normalized database for faster execution of queries.

The creation of the CMS has taken the company to a new level, as it has increased Hormone Logics workers usability and freedom from papers by providing them with a friend user-face interface based Clinic Management System. In all, the website has been a huge success for attracting new clients across the FL

What we did
  • PSD Creation
  • Design & Wireframing
  • Custom Module Integration
  • Code ignitor Framework Based Functions
  • Normalized Database