What is Digi skill?

Digiskill is an online training program designed for the youth of Pakistan who is currently unemployed due to any reason. It was launched on August 1,2018, by the government of Pakistan with mutual agreement with the virtual university.

Its aims and mission are to develop and polish the essential skills and abilities of the Youth. They offer a different course, and the only purpose of this training program is to encourage the young people of Pakistan to come forward to freelancing platforms.

Due to technology and innovations, the world is becoming a digital market place. The organization and companies are now preferring the skilled person rather than degrees.

The digiskills.pk is the first online training opportunity with in-demand course content. The unique feature of this training is that they have conducted the courses in a very simple and easier way. This will help people who are less educated.

Who can join it?

Anyone! Yes. There is no restriction on age or education. Everyone with some basics education and knowledge of computers can do it. The virtual university has successfully brought the culture of online learning through digiskills and some other programs of its own.

This online training is an excellent opportunity to empower the youth and help them to stand out for their better future and the future of their generation.

Courses offered by digiskills

Digiskills provide different types of courses according to the demand of the modern world and the freelancing market.

10 courses are being offered in this program.

  1. Freelancing
  2. E-Commerce Management
  3. Creative Writing
  4. Graphics Design
  5. QuickBooks
  6. WordPress
  7. AutoCAD
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  9. Digital Marketing
  10. Digital Literacy

One of the essential things is that the training is free of cost. All you need to start it by registration on the sign-up link and later login in to go to your profile.

8 reasons to enroll in digiskills course

  1. Digiskill training is free of charge

Due to unemployment and poverty in Pakistan. Many students can’t afford to pay their education fees, and how could they pay for the courses? This training program is the initiative of the government of Pakistan. So, it is free of cost, and you don’t need to even pay for the registration.

  1. No academic requirements

There are no academic qualifications you need to get enrollment in the courses of the digit skills. Anyone with the passion of earning and want to do something for his future can take classes. Every person with a basic understanding of computer literacy and knowledge of how to read and write can take this training.

  1. Help you to compete in freelancing platforms

The different courses are offered by the digiskills.pk. Some of them are creative writing, WordPress, SEO, digital marketing, graphic designing, etc. These skills are much in demand for freelancing workplace and in-house jobs. Many job opportunities are available on this skills-set. These courses are an excellent source to help you compete with your fellow competitors and to earn some reasonable price for your skill sell.

  1. A good initiative for homemakers and girls

Digiskills is an excellent initiative for women who stay at home. They can take benefit from it by learning the course and start working for themselves. They can become financially independent and support their families and kids.

  1. Digiskills offer Online classes

Digiskills.pk provides online courses. There is no need of going to attend the sessions online. Thus, it saves your time, cost, and energy. You can anywhere watch the lecturers online in your comfort zone. All the course material is readily available on the online learning platform. You can get access to it by getting yourself register.

  1. Better opportunities to earn or to get a job

The primary purpose of this program is to train the youth about in-demand skills. These skills help them to get projects from local and international clients. It helps a person to become an entrepreneur rather than work for anyone else.

  1. Allow you to learn the best skills

The courses of digiskills like creative writing, freelancing, WordPress, SEO, and digital marketing are some of the best courses that gives you long term opportunities to stay in the market place. This future is going to be more demanded in the future as well.

  1. Digiskill gives you e-certificate

Digiskill issue an e-certificate for every student who has completed the course with the required criteria. The students can put these certificates online and attach them with their resume. This brings a professional impression on the employers.

Some finish words

From August 20178 to till, a large number of students got their certifications and working online and in house. You can go to Knowledge Droid site to check which skills are most demanding on digiskills lms right now. They have risen their standard of living and contributing towards to bring the economic growth back to stability.